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"Great Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Happy Customer from Auburn, IN | April 2, 2015 Tim was very helpful finding me a vehicle. He went above and beyond by taking me to the Ft Wayne lot and coming in on his day off to finalize the sale. Kris was extremely helpful as well with explaining paperwork and speaking with me on my intial visit. Rating from Happy Customer Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5"

Happy Customer

"WONDERFUL PEOPLE, WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE By tinktoria from Auburn, IN | March 21, 2015 When I thought all hope was lost. Preferred Auto Auburn pulled through. Tim and Kris were wonderful in explaining how they were able to help. They made my dream of owning a car come true. Rating from tinktoria Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"GREAT! By LakeGirl172 from Angola, IN | March 16, 2015 Tim Rebman was wonderful to work with! I had a great car buying experience! Rating from LakeGirl172 Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"Tim Rebman By Alisha from Auburn, IN | March 3, 2015 Tim did a good job over all and the customer service was excellent. Rating from Alisha Overall: 4 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 4 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5 "


"Great service center! By Amber M from Fort Wayne, IN | March 1, 2015 Hard-working. Honest. Family oriented. Customer-driven. Quality work. Rating from Amber M Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: N/A Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5"

Amber M

"By Marlee from Sturgis michigan | January 28, 2015 "Super Dave" was great! Thank you very much for this awesome experience!:) Rating from Marlee Overall: 5 Customer Service: 4 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"Tim Rebman By Skip from Hamilton, IN | January 30, 2015 Tim offered to help jump start my present vehicle when I was stranded next door. I then surveyed the lot. I found the replacement vehicle for my vehicle! I hope all works out and I can buy this car!! Rating from Skip Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"Great car, great service! By Polly M from Fort Wayne, IN | January 31, 2015 I was in need of a reliable car, but didn't have much money or decent credit. But Preferred Auto helped me get into a very nice, dependable car and at a reasonable price. Their customer service is 2nd to none; ask for Brandon Neeley, he's awesome! Couldn't have asked for a better, painless buying process than what I had at Preferred Auto on Lima Road. My dad also bought his Jeep from them and had a similar experience. These guys are great! Rating from Polly M Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"

Polly M

"Buy A Car!! By Halsey from Fort Wayne, Indiana | February 6, 2015 This facility has wonderful staff members and they do whatever they can to make you comfortable while waiting for all the paperwork to process!! Wonderful staff. Brandon Neeley was great! Rating from Halsey Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"Bryan Rietdorf By 04 Silverado from Fort Wayne | February 19, 2015 Everything was great. Great service. Great cars. Bryan was awesome I got a 2004 Chevy silverado. Rating from 04 Silverado Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"Bryan Rietdorf By Jennifer from Fort Wayne, IN | February 19, 2015 He was excellent, let us try numerous cars and showed all the features. Spent 3 hours helping us find the perfect car in our price range. Rating from Jennifer Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"Ford Focus By Angela from Fort Wayne, IN | February 12, 2015 I was looking for a vehicle that was a 7 seater then I found this ford focus and I fell in love with it and was approved for it. my 7 passenger will have to wait. Mike was very professional and nice. Rating from Angela Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"LIMA ROAD LOCATION...NOT OUR FIRST DEALING W/ THEM This is our second vehicle purchase from this location. we returned her because they treated us well previously. these guys did all they could to accommodate us in the search for the vehicle(s) and i am Very Satisfied, i Definitely Recommend this location to anybody wanting to be treated well. very personable group of people. "

Julie M

" Friendly, Knowledgeable, Going the extra mile. By Josh from Fort Wayne, IN | November 8, 2014 My wife and I were in a tight spot to get a newer car when we came in to Preferred Auto. Juan Parra and Lance Pratt worked diligently to ensure a smooth experience due to having to work with insurance companies and loan companies they went way out of their way to help us. Rating from Josh Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"I won't go into all the details, but I just bought my second car from Preferred and I can not adequately express my gratitude to Chip and Mike Mitchell at the State Boulevard location and the absolutely wonderful service from Jim Mickelini, Larry the technician, and Miranda Murphy for all they did to solve a problem that saved me a bundle. You have a great staff that really looks out for the customer. As someone who is a Networker by profession, you've learned the first rule of networking and that's building relationships. Well Done!!!"

Mike S

"A Rare Find. Truly a rare find these days: I have never felt cheated or lied to; I have never felt taken advantage of or messed with; they always seem to genuinely care. Being a woman, a mechanic can be a dreadful place to visit. This crew has not only taken care of our mechanical needs, but has also provided a friendly, inviting, and welcoming atmosphere for my toddler and me. When reviewing the mechanical needs of my vehicle, the crew understands the financial burden these repairs can have on our family, and work with us to prioritize the necessary repairs. They are a great team and I would highly recommend them. Rating from Amber M Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5 Preferred Auto - Illinois Road 5005 Illinois Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46804"

Amber M

"I talked to a salesman over the phone. He was very helpful and gave me the information I was asking for. Although I did not end up buying here, I would go back in the future and see what they have. Rating from CatL53 Overall: 4 Customer Service: 4 out of 5 Buying Process: N/A Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: N/A Preferred Automotive-Lima Road 9134 Lima Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46818 "


"Over the years I have dealt with many dealerships and only a small handful have made a impact on me and who does my maintenance and repairs and where I would recommend and Preferred Auto is one of the greats. I highly recommend them. I look forward to my Next Purchase from them and my Maintenance appointments. Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5 Preferred Auto - Lima Road Service"


"Good afternoon Preferred. I just wanted to say thank you!! I brought my car in for service to the Fort Wayne/Ilinois Rd location and even though issues arised Brian on the service team still provided an excellent quality of service. Thank you! This is why I will continue to bring my car to this location. I will make sure I pass this good feedback to others in the community about the Preferred automotive group. Thank you!!!"

Charmaine C

"Service By Mike McArdle from Avilla IN | January 4, 2014 Mike Adams service advisor keep me informed of the problem and cost to repair the problem. He does a very good job of keeping good customer relations. How Did Preferred Auto Service Do? Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"

Mike M

" They always treatment like a person, like "without me they would not be in business." They point out things that need immediate attention and things that could be potential problems. They have always treated me with respect, pointing out things that can be repaired and things that would not make a difference. I highly recommend them for their wonderful customer service. They always wash and clean my car after the oil Change. Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: N/A Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5 "

D Schreck

"By erika from fort wayne in | December 18, 2013 they did great at getting me in and out and make sure everything was good to go for my car. Rating from erika Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"


"i was having car trouble and my friend told me about Preferred so i decided to try it out, and let me tell you im SO glad i did! i love it. the service advisers are very helpful, and work with you price-wise. the techs are good at what they do, believe me! i was a little hesitant, and wanted to go to Honda since i have a Honda, but i bought my car from Preferred so i decide to give it a shot. they work on your car, get everything done you need, then give you a free wash. "


"PREFERRED AUTO TOOK CARE OF THE ISSUES AND SERVICED MY VEHICLE IN A TIMELY FASHION. THE COST WAS FAIR FOR BOTH THE DEALERSHIP AND MYSELF. Rating from JOHN H Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5"

John H

"I wanted to take a moment and celebrate the service I received from your service team at the Illinois Road location. After pulling onto the car lot and discovering the exact vehicle I wanted, I went inside and met Jared Schibley. He helped me in going thru the 09 Mazda 3 from front to back and in and out. After test driving the vehicle, the completion of the sale along with Jarrad Gettys and Brian Gettys was absolutely painless. I was given a fair offer for my trade in and a great deal on my new vehicle. How I measure a sales staff's performance is after the sale. Are they finished with the customer after the check has been written? The answer to that in regards to the Illinois team is a resounding no!! The day after my purchase, I discovered that the check engine light was glowing. In addition, the TPMS light was glowing. My plan after carpool runs was to venture out to the Preferred Group. That plan was delayed slightly as I watched the rear passenger tire deflate before my eyes. After putting on the spare, I called Jarrad and he said to come out right away and that they would get me taken care of. After analyzing the problems, it was determined that I had a faulty valve in my tire and a faulty gas cap. Once my car was repaired, I was called up to retrieve her. I then took out my wallet to pay for the repairs and was informed that everything was taken care of and no payment was due. It is so refreshing to encounter a car sales group that strives to make purchasing a car straightforward and stress free and dare I say it, downright fun! There are other car sales lots that pride themselves on being done with the customer once they leave the lot; and when he comes back, we'll painfully and expensively stick it to em'. (as evidenced by my previous sales experience with another large Fort Wayne dealer!) Preferred understands Marketing 101, (a) have your customer want to stay your customer and (b) a customer will share their car purchase experience with others, make sure the experience shared is a positive one! You have a fantastic group out on Illinois Road! Keep doing what you do guys (and gals) !!"

Kevin M.

"In May I bought 4 used BMW wheels and replaced 2 tires through your Illinois Road store. In the process 2 of the rims were scratched during balancing. I mentioned this to Brian and Jim Mickelini and they both said that Preferred would have the rims repaired. When the rims came back they were perfect and when I heard the cost of the repair I knew you lost money on the transaction. Brian and Jim's willingness to quickly resolve this issue is commendable. As a business owner myself I know word of mouth advertising is critical...reputation is everything. For anyone who asks me I will recommend Preferred Auto. You guys do what you say and go the extra mile."

George B.

"I would like to thank Mike Adams and everyone who works in the service department at your Lima Road location for the great job they do for our company vans and cars as well as many of our employees personal cars. Did I say great and€“ I mean fantastic! They don'€™t just deliver quality, they provide value and have established our complete confidence in them. They go the extra mile. Every few weeks a competitor of yours drops off donuts or cookies to remind us they would like our business. While they are delivering donuts, Preferred is still delivering the service and value to ESCO that has made us a loyal customer. Had to say something and€“ keep it up! Thank you"


"Jay: The best compliment that an employee can say to a customer is, “ I Love Working Here, and working with Jay Leonard”! That was the overriding comment that my wife Jorgann and I took away from our experience last Saturday (01/21/2012) at your Illinois Store. We have been fortunate enough to be touched by your tremendous staff of people (team associates). Since 2005 Preferred Auto has taken care of my 2004 Ford Taurus. Last Saturday we realized it was time to say goodbye. While your team was looking at my car, Travis and Jim put us into a 2010 Red Ford Escape Limited at 8 AM until we returned at 11 AM. With the help of Travis, a very good friend, we completed the deal and purchased the Escape. Your customer service skills within your company are the best. Jorgann and I wanted to say thank you to your entire TEAM! I know we are going to forget someone, and this is not intentional. We have come in contact with each of these Preferred Auto Professionals. We are proud to be Preferred Auto Group customers! These people are part of your organization because of YOU! Rob Goodman Travis Parker Jarrad Gettys David Waldren Brett Hoffer Jim Mickelini Julie Morris Brian Bowes Ivan Almodovar Thank you again from Jorgann and I, and Good Luck in 2012! Paul & Jorgann Viglianti "

Paul Viglianti

"When looking for a new car, the folks at the Lima road location were so helpful! They didn't pressure me, or make me feel obligated to buy a car just because they spent so much time answering my questions and showing me their vehicles. I definitely love giving them my business!"

Andrea Irvin

"I met Tammy at the LaGrange location about four months ago while networking for my web site/project, Linking Michiana. She was the first to talk to me, introduce me around to her co-workers and welcomed me to talk about my project with her. Before I left, she told me about Preferred Auto and their incentive program for referring customers. I took a couple of her cards to be polite. (I do not know too many people here, so I really thought it was a long shot that I would send her a customer anytime soon) It was probably a month later, my boyfriend came home from work saying he found a truck he liked on his way home and wanted to go check it out. Assuming he saw this vehicle in someone's front yard, I asked where he was going. When he responded he was going to the car dealership near McDonald's I had to ask him to wait before leaving so I could get Tammy's card out of my office, and told him to be sure to tell him I sent him. I did not expect Tammy to remember who I was, so I gave Mike my business card to take to Tammy. Two hours later, Mike returned home smiling about the truck and the first words out of his mouth were, "She not only knew who you were, she has your business cards on her desk!" This really impressed me because of all the people I have met trying to network for my project, Tammy was the only one that was all heart. I got a phone call the next day from Tammy telling me about the $100! I totally forgot about the $100 incentive. I returned to the Preferred with Mike that night. When we got there, Mike had changed his mind about the truck. While I am listening to Mike's concerns about the truck Tammy and Marcos gathered around us. I talked Mike into buying the truck and to talk to the sales teams about his concerns. While they were taking care of the paperwork, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Greg, who I have nick-named "Pretty Boy!" We had to leave that night without the truck because we had to get insurance, so we returned the next evening. While Mike was taking care of business, I went to talk to Greg about my idea for Linking Michiana. It was nice that Preferred Auto was going to give me $100 for sending them a new customer, but I wanted to try to send them more customers but let the customer keep the money. While Mike was buying his truck, I was making new friends. With Mike's working schedule, and driving the company truck, Mike only got to drive his "new" truck three times and then parked it. Something went wrong with the engine's performance. I went to see my buddy Greg to let him know. I was not complaining, I was not upset, because I understood that Mike purchased his truck as is. Mike and I had been together for 3.5 years and never had an argument. Well, when Mike couldn't figure out what was wrong with his truck, he blamed me because he had changed his mind about the truck and I talked him into buying it. He knew he would have to tear down the engine to figure out what was wrong and did not have the time. And I really wanted Greg to know that Mike got very upset with me! (keep in mind, I am not angry - I just wanted to communicate) Without hesitation, Greg offered to help with the truck. He felt bad that Mike had long hours of work and no time to fix his truck or the ability to enjoy it. It is being diagnosed, not sure what happens next, but I can say that Greg's sincerity and business ethics are rare these days. We have gotten to know Tammy, Marcos and Pretty Boy and we like them as friends. They smile when they see us, engage in conversation, exchange jokes, and talk to us like family. I truly appreciate the people we have met at Preferred and I will always refer to them as friends. I feel blessed to have met them! "

Maria Heath

"In preparation for an out of town trip on a Saturday, I realized the day before that I needed an oil change. I contacted the Preferred Lima Road service location at 2pm on Friday and they were able to get my oil change done at 4:30 pm that same day. Their service was prompt, ontime, and most of all quick as they took care of it so promptly. Thanks, Preferred."

stan scheumann

"My wife and I bought a 2005 Ford Taurus from Preferred Auto and opted for the included service package so we can get our oil changes without paying for them each time we go in. So, I have been getting my oil changes over there, and every time they do anything can to make my experience a good experience. I have been glad to go get my oil change over there. They are also willing to help with my car not bought from Preferred Auto. THANK YOU PREFERRED AUTO."

Nathan Smith

"In 2002 I had a great fun job & needed a dependable car,I went to Preferred Auto and the salesman was great,he talked me out of the "wrong car" for me and found one that suited me & my 2 children at a much lower price! It was then I realized they were more concerned with getting people into the right vehicle than the almighty $. Unfortunatlly before I got in the next day to do the paperwork,I was in the ER being prepped for emergency surgery and nearly died 3 times. I could not return to work & had 7 additional surgeries and am now disabled due to all of that body chaos! BUT I still tell everyone to go to Preferred 1st when looking for a vehicle because of the honest professional service I encountered the moment I stepped on the lot...Thanks for reminding us that there is still a place that puts people first..."

kellie stine

"the guys at Preferred are alwys helpfull I have never had a problem with them they always try to take me right in even with out a reservation even with my motor home. thanks guys"

Michael Patterson

"I go to Preferred Auto Group to get regular oil changes and service on my car and the service is always done in a professional manner and fast"

Lloyd White

"I have been taking my vehicles here for the past four years for all my service needs. The shop on Illinois have a best crew working in this area. Thanks Brian, Julie and all the staff fro always making me feel special. LIVESTRONG!"

Jon Colbert

"I just want to share with you my small story. I purchased a car back in 1999/2000ish and felt I got the biggest lemon in the world. The car seem to be my worst nightmare, and of course I blamed the dealership I had purchased it from, which was Preferred Auto-Kendallville. After I was relieved of my lemon with a different car a few years later I swore I would never step foot on the Preferred Auto lot again. Well that all changed when my boyfriend at the time brings home this truck he wants. I said what dealership is this at he tells me Preffered Auto on Lima road. My instant reaction was NO!!!! there was no way I would spend a dime at that place. Well he bought the truck anyways(good man). The truck is a wonderful truck and the sales staff was super pleasent and a joy to work with. a year or so later I decided I was ready for a new car too and the 1st and only place I ended up shopping at was Preferred Auto -Lima road. I had wonderful sales staff helping me. since then I have had work done in your service department, try to get my free washes anytime I'm free and enjoy stopping in for my regualr oil change. My opinion has change 180 degrees. I love shopping at Preferred Auto and intend on only do my car shopping with them. I love my new car that I purachsed a few years ago and when I'm ready for that new one again, I'll will be stopping by. Thank you Preferred Auto"

Rachel Karcher

"We have purchased two vehicles from your North Store and worked directly with Mick Billings. He listened to our wants and needs and found us exactly what we were looking for. Purchasing from Preferred has always been a great experience and we will continue to recommend Mick and the rest of the Preferred Group to all of our family and friends! "


"Your service has been exceptional and I appreciate having your super technician, Joseph Kohne, work on my car."

Rose Ferguson

"Our famiily total is more than 10 cars from Preferred! Most have been purchased through Brian Gettys. I love my current car, a Ford Edge with all the bells and whistles. I gave Brian a wish list and they found the car for me. Preferred takes care of the service on my car also. It's nice to have a place I trust to handle all the details of keeping my car safe and on the road. Hugs to all of them!"

Mona Lane

"We've always had great service at Preferred. On my last oil change I called at 2pm in the afternoon and they had my oil changed done by 4:30 pm."

stan scheumann

"I needed a vehicle and preferred auto came through with a good deal."

David Euto

"Having never bought a car before I was very nervous and excited, as most first time car buyers are. The people at preferred were VERY helpful in making sure I found a car that I liked and fit my budget as well. Ever since then they have been more than helpful with service on my car and that great service has continued since I am now on the hunt for another vehicle!"

George Turkette

"I've been a Customer for over 2 years and the services and leadership there has been the best. Preferred has worked with my Wife and I with the upmost respect. Thanks Preferred Family."

Calvin Smith

"Our mirror's personal settings would not stay set. I had taken the car in 4 times within a year for it and perfered auto picked up the deductable. I was pleasantly surprized!"

Margaret Nelson

"You always hear how used car salesmen are shady and are always looking to cheat you. We actually had the opposite experience with our salesman. He was very helpful, honest and did all he could to get us the best rate for our trade and the lowest monthly payment. Thanks for not being shady!!"

heather clark

"I believe that the salesman and salesperson that work at preferred, here in LaGrange are the best that i have ever met when looking for a car. They done everything that they could to see that we got the car that we wanted. They went beyond the call of duty to insure that we got the car, and i am very proud to have met the people at this dealship..."

albert and cheryl williams