Where do I get my free car washes?  
Just bring your Preferred Auto vehicle to either of our Lima Road or Illinois Road locations and we will wash your car for as long as you own it. For our customers in LaGrange, Auburn and Kendallville, the hours are 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays only.

What if I have no previous credit, or some credit problems? 
Our finance experts also have contacts with some of the nation’s largest secondary credit lenders, and can often get you loan approval when other dealers can’t. 

How do I arrange financing? 
We have finance professionals who have built great relationships with local banks and credit unions. This enables Preferred Auto to negotiate the best terms possible for each and every customer.

How do I know a used car is in good condition? 
You need to have a qualified mechanic inspect it using today’s most sophisticated diagnostic equipment. We do this with every vehicle we buy before we put it up for sale. If a car can’t pass our 96 point inspection, we either repair it, or take it to the car auction where it’s sold to other dealers and individuals. 

Where do you get your cars? 
All of our vehicles are hand-picked. We buy one owner, off lease, and new car dealer trades. Nothing is overlooked. This guarantees our customers receive the best vehicle possible. 

Why is it better to buy used rather than new?
New cars lose thousands of dollars in value the minute you drive one off the lot. If you buy the right used car, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over buying the same vehicle new.